I'm using gimp 2.8.10 to make gifs and I was wondering what website you use to download like music vids from YouTube and what size to download it as so you can use it on the software to make the gif. Thanks..

I use an program called YTD. I think it’s called YouTube downloader or something so download that. & for the size idk what your exactly talking about but when I resize the GIFS it’s always 400w or below


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I was thinking today but if the government could tax drug money from every drug dealer id honestly don’t think they’d care

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Raided tagged me I feel thirsty


In one those fuck everyone type moods

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Sneaker head pic

Sneaker head pic

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This girl told me heels don’t excite me cus I’m young fuck out here I’m 21 year old I’m not old but I know what excites me & what doesn’t. No heels. No makeup normal ass girl for me

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"What we finna say bout this thot in our verse Reesee?"

"What we finna say bout this thot in our verse Reesee?"

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If I dress up as a cop & post pictures on here ya gonna think im a cop right? Girl post nudes on here we not suppose to look at them as a hoe tho. False advertisement

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